A Complete Guide to Saudi Arabia Business Visa Application

Updated on Jun 09, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

Travelling for Business purposes to Saudi Arabia? If it’s your first time, you need to have a clear idea of Saudi business e-Visa requirements. See here!

Speaking of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is the biggest country with a total area of around 2,150,000 km2. For Muslims, it’s the home of Allah as the two holiest cities are present here- Madina and Mecca. No wonder millions of Muslim pilgrims visit here for hajj every year. Besides being the holiest place for Muslims, Saudi Arabia is a pre-historic place due to its structures dating back to 9000 years in ancient cultures. 

However, Saudi Arabia has recently grown business relations with different countries, making it a hub for business persons looking to invest in mega projects approved by the Saudi Arabian Government. If you are one of them with a growing interest in kicking off your business here, the foremost thing you need is a business visa to Saudi Arabia.

And, if it’s your first time applying for a business visa for Saudi, there may be a lot going on in your mind, and we are going to answer those all in today’s blog. Let’s get started. 

Saudi Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Saudi Arabia for a period of time upto 30 days for travel or business purposes. International visitors must have a Saudi e-Visa to be able to visit Saudi Arabia . Foreign citizens can apply for an Saudi e-Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Saudi Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Every Detail You Should Know Before Applying for Business Visa to Saudi

Saudi Arabia visa policies and requirements differ for every country based on the relations it has with each, for example:

  • Visa-exempt countries, such as UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain
  • e-Visa countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, some European and Asian countries
  • Visa-required countries (probably the rest of the world)
  • Now, whether applying for a short-term or long-term Saudi e-Visa for business purposes or something else, you need to provide the required documents mentioned below:
  • Filling up the visa application form complying with the Saudi regulations
  • Providing personal details
  • A passport with 6-month validity beyond the intent return dates

Generally, you will get an e-Visa within 3 to 5 working days. Besides these, you need to show a copy of your e-Visa, flight bookings with travel itinerary and accommodation. 

Saudi e-Visa is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This online process for Electronic Travel Authorisation for Saudi Arabia was implemented from 2019 by Saudi Government, with the goal of enabling any of the future eligible travelers to apply for an Electronic Visa to Saudi Arabia. Learn more at Saudi Visa Online.

Next, we come to Saudi Arabia business visa! Make sure you don’t get confused with a Saudi work visa. Saudi Arabia visa for business is available for temporary activities, making it a short-term visa, while a work visa allows one to stay for a long period in Saudi. 

You may wonder about its validity, visa costs and other requirements. In this case, you have to provide the followings:

  • Original passport beyond your intent return date (or else you have to renew your passport)
  • Your passport should have at least two free pages for visa stamps (otherwise needing visa renewal)
  • The passport should be in good shape.
  • No visa stamp issued by Israel on your passport (if it has, the chances of rejecting the visa application are there)
  • Mention your religion on the visa application.
  • Coloured headshot photos older not more than 90 days (make sure you don’t give any facial expression, wear any glasses, and your eyes are at the level of the camera)
  • While travelling to Saudi Arabia for business purposes, like being invited by any organisation, provide the invitation letter. The letter should contain the company address, sign, travel purpose and timeline.
  • The business invitation letter should indicate the sponsors for the trip, while notarised.
  • Submit a copy of the registration form of the Saudi sponsor company issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Saudi Arabia with the approval stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.
  • A registration copy of your business based in Saudi Arabia with your country of residence

The Saudi Arabia visa application is quick and simple to complete. Applicants must provide their contact information, itinerary, and passport information and answer several security-related questions. Learn more at Saudi Arabia Visa Application.

How Much Does a Saudi Business Visa Cost?

Generally, the ranges are between 50 to 215 USD. While applying for a business e-visa for Saudi, you can use a credit or debit card for payment. The charges can vary depending on different factors, especially your application country. Moreover, the visa processing time can change as well. 

Travellers can skip lengthy lines at the border by applying for a Saudi Arabia eVisa before travel. A visa on arrival (VOA) is available to nationals of certain nations in Saudi Arabia. There are many options for international tourists to Saudi Arabia to receive travel authorisation. Learn more at Saudi Arabia Visa On Arrival.

Ready to Apply for a Saudi Arabia Business Visa?

If it's a YES, go ahead with an e-Visa application to avoid standing in the long line for hours after the arrival. Remember, even a simple spelling error or wrong information can cause visa rejection. 

A Complete Guide to Saudi Arabia Business Visa Application

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