Saudi Visa Online

Since 2019, international visitors require the Saudi e-Visa for tourism, Umrah, and business trips. This online travel authorization simplifies the process and grants access to the Kingdom.

Travelers from visa-exempt countries visiting Saudi Arabia by air, land, or sea now require the Online Saudi Visa. This electronic authorization, valid for one year and linked to your passport, is available through an online application. Applicants must apply at least 3 days before arrival.

What is Online Saudi Visa?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) introduced an electronic visa system called Online Saudi Visa in 2019. This ushers a brand-new chapter in history of Saudi Arabian tourism. The Online Saudi Visa makes it easier for eligible nationals from all around the world to apply for a Tourist or Umrah Visa to Saudi Arabia online, including those from European Union member states, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Before the introduction of Online Saudi Visa, applicants had to go in person to their neighborhood Saudi consulate or embassy to receive travel authorization. Moreover, Saudi Arabia didn't provide any kind of tourist visa. Nevertheless, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally unveiled an online system for obtaining Saudi Arabia visit visas in 2019 under the names e-Visa, electronic visa, or eVisa.

The multiple-entry electronic visa for Saudi Arabia will be valid for one year. Travelers using a Saudi e-Visa can remain in the nation for up to 90 days for leisure or tourism, visiting family or friends, or performing the Umrah (outside of Hajj season). Saudi nationals and those who reside in Saudi Arabia are not eligible for this visa.

To visit Saudi Arabia for leisurely travel and remain for up to 90 days in a single visit, visitors from more than 50 qualifying countries can apply online for a Saudi Visa.

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Provide personal and passport details in Saudi e-Visa application form.

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Securely pay using a Debit or Credit card.

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Get e-Visa

Saudi e-Visa approval is sent to your email by Saudi Government.

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Types of Saudi e-Visa Application offered

  • Tourist Visa: As it is just intended for travel, visas for tourists are the easiest to get. You can use it for tourist activities like recreational and sight seeing visits. You can travel freely and without restrictions in most Saudi Arabian provinces with a tourist visa for up to a maximum of 90 days
  • Umrah Visa: This type of visa is only valid in specific Jeddah, Mecca, or Medina neighborhoods. The only reason for receiving this visa is to do the Umrah outisde of Hajj season. Only Muslims are eligible to apply for this visa. You cannot work with this sort of visa, extend your stay, or even visit other places for leisure trips.
  • Business / Events: You can visit for following business activities for less than 90 days
    • Business Meetings
    • Business or Trade or Industrial or Commercial Seminars
    • Technical, white collared staff visits for less than 90 days
    • Conferences for business and trading
    • Startups related short term meetings
    • Any other commercial visits or workshops that do not require signing contracts on site.

Embassies and consulates should be contacted if the applicant requires that kind of visa:

  • Government Visa: Much like any other visa, a government visa may only be granted if you have been asked to visit by a Saudi government agency, hospital, university, or ministry. To have your visa granted, you must finish all previous processes.
  • Business Visit Visa: A firm may provide a business visit visa to an individual who has expressed interest in launching a business there or who works for the company. It is impossible to prolong a visit or look for work while on a business visa.
  • Residence Visa: A resident visa enables the holder to remain inside the nation for a predetermined period of time, usually more than 90 days. This visa may also be granted to the applicant when they are already within the nation. The resident visa permits the holder to live and travel as they want within Saudi Arabia.
  • Employment Visa: An employment visa enables the holder to join a company or organization and work there for a set period of time. Work Visa is another name for an employment visa. Employment visas are only valid for the duration of your job and do not permit extended stays.
  • Companion Visa: Only foreign nationals who wish to join their companions on trips or stays for work or business in Saudi Arabia are eligible for this type of visa. Only the spouse, parents, or children of a foreign national who is already appointed or working in Saudi Arabia are eligible for a companion visa.
  • Student Visa: The candidate is granted a student visa to study in Saudi Arabia. This visa is valid for those who are finishing their schoolwork or attending college. The applicant must demonstrate to the government that they can pay for their study up until graduation. For the visa to be approved, you must provide bank statements and other documents. Several scholarships are available from the government or institutions that overseas students can apply to.
  • Personal Visa: A personal visa enables the applicant to apply for a visa that is unrelated to any business or organization. It is a visa category akin to the companion visa. A personal visa also does not cater to tourists.
  • Family Visa: A family visa is one given to a relative of someone already resident in Saudi Arabia based on employment or business. Only family reunions qualify for this sort of visa. If the applicant is younger than 18, the family visa also permits them to finish their education.
  • Work Visa: Foreign nationals who are working in Saudi Arabia for a business or organization are eligible for a work visa. Any employment requirement that satisfies government standards may qualify for this sort of visa.
  • Extension of Exit or Re-Entry Visa: An extension of an exit visa indicates that the applicant has already arrived in Saudi Arabia, has almost completed the allotted period, and intends to prolong their stay. If you want to revisit Saudi Arabia after a break of around a year, you must get a re-entry visa. It is primarily given out to guests of foreign workers stationed there.

Do you need a Online Saudi Visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

A visa is often required for visitors from outside of Saudi Arabia. Only those with passports from nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council are exempt.

Online Saudi Visa can be obtained by passport holders from the approved nations. It is the most convenient choice for qualified travelers coming to Saudi Arabia for 90 days or less.

The Online Saudi Visa Application may be finished online in a short amount of time. No part of the application procedure necessitates applicants to visit an embassy or consulate.

After successful completion and payment, the Saudi e-Visa is sent to successful applicants through email in PDF format.

In 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced its Online Saudi Visa program. Formerly, foreign nationals had to submit a visa application at a nearby Saudi embassy or consulate.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the Online Saudi Visa Application?

The Saudi Arabia visa application enables visitors from below nations to enter the country. The online application procedure may be finished quickly and easily.

According to the Saudi government, the following countries' nationals can currently get a Saudi e-Visa or Online Saudi Visa:

How to apply for the Online Saudi Visa Application?

You must follow the steps below to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa online:

Fill out the application: The Online Saudi Visa Application will take just minutes to complete. It is advisable to double-check the data to prevent any further issues or barriers in the visa-granting procedure. To apply for a Online Saudi Visa, you must provide information such as your name, residence, place of employment, bank account and statement information, ID card, passport, nationality, and passport expiration date, as well as your contact information and date of birth.

Pay the Online Saudi Visa Application Fee: To pay the Online Saudi Visa (Saudi e-Visa ) fees use a credit card or debit card. The Saudi e-Visa application will not be reviewed or processed without payment. To proceed with submitting the e-Visa application, the requisite payment must be made.

Receive Online Saudi Visa by email: The email address entered during application process will receive an Approval Email which will contain your Saudi e-Visa in PDF format. To obtain an Online Saudi visa or Saudi e-Visa, you must fulfil the fundamental standards imposed by the Saudi Arabian government. The e-Visa will be rejected if there is any spelling error or if the information does not match the government's data submitted to the embassy.

To enter Saudi Arabia, you must present your e-Visa at the airport along with a passport that won't expire in the next six months, your ID card, or a bay form if you're a child.

Saudi Arabia Visa Online processing time

Most e-Visas are issued within 72 hours. If the issuance of the visa is urgent, rush service is available. A little extra money is often charged for the expedited service, which grants the visa in one day.

Online Saudi Arabia Visa Application validity

The multiple-entry electronic visa for Saudi Arabia will be valid for one year. Travelers using a Saudi e-Visa can remain in the nation for up to 90 days for leisure or tourism, visiting family or friends, or performing the Umrah (outside of Hajj season).

The period of time between the issuance and expiration of your visa once it has been issued is referred to as its validity. It is the amount of time you have left to complete your visa requirements to enter the nation. Whether a single-entry or multiple-entry visa is issued depends on your nation and the type of visa you need. If your justification is compatible with the initial status of your visa, you may apply for a visa extension.

Your visa becomes worthless if you extend your stay in the nation after it has run out. To apply for a visa once more, you must leave Saudi Arabia. For fresh Visa issuance, you must travel to your country of citizenship.

Note: It is more effective and timesaving to request a visa extension before your visa expires.

Online Saudi Visa Requirements

Travelers who intend to apply Online for Saudi Visa must fulfil the following conditions:

A Valid passport for travel

A passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond your departure date is required for entry into Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, your passport must have at least one blank visa page available for the immigration officer's entry stamp.

A valid passport is essential for your Saudi e-Visa application. It must be issued by an eligible country and can be an ordinary, official, or diplomatic passport.

A valid Email ID

The applicant will receive Saudi e-Visa by email, therefore a valid Email ID is required to receive Saudi e-Visa. The form can be completed by the visitors intending to arrive by clicking here Online Saudi Visa Application Form.

Method of Payment

Since the Saudi e-Visa application is online only, you'll need a valid credit or debit card to pay the fee.

Passport sized face photo

You are also required to submit a photograph of your face as part of application process.

How to apply for the Saudi Arabia Visa Online?

Either apply using Online Saudi Visa Application Form or by delivering the relevant documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate in your country.

It takes a lot of time and works to submit an application through an embassy or consulate and get your visa approved. If you want to save time and apply quickly by entering information into the e-Visa site, the e-Visa is a preferable option.

Apply in person or online for the Saudi Arabia Visa Application (if eligible for an eVisa)

As noted above citizens of 51 countries can apply for an e-Visa to Saudi Arabia You can only enter the nation for tourism or leisure with an e-Visa. The procedure is streamlined by the ease with which the tourist visa application form may be completed and submitted.

Residents of 79 different nations can get a visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia. When you arrive at the airport of your destination and apply for the on-arrival visa there, it is then issued. To apply for an on-arrival visa, you must have a few certain documents on hand.

Note: The required paperwork consists of a properly completed application form, a passport that won't expire in the next six months, a photocopy of the passport, the fee, an ID card, round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, proof of adequate cash, etc.

How to Apply at an Embassy or Consulate of Saudi Arabia in your country (if the applicant is ineligible for a Saudi Visa online or eVisa)?

An embassy is a country's envoy that is situated in the nation's capital and handles matters such as visas and problems pertaining to its citizens.

A consulate is often found in major, densely populated cities that are popular with tourists. Consulates exist to assist in dividing the embassy's job by dealing with their designated city individually rather than receiving a lot of work and traffic from all cities.

Note: If your nation is not accepted for the e-Visa, you can apply for a visa through the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in your country. Depending on the nation or the type of visa you have, processing a visa through an embassy or consulate can take anywhere between one and four weeks.

2024 Updates for Saudi Visa

Saudi Arabia has created a simplified entry process for the visitors with a mission to encourage tourism, umrah, business facilitation and fast track approvals of Visas. You need to be aware of the following, so that your Saudi eVisa is approved without delay and so that your journey is blessed:

  • Saudi eVisa is valid for Tourism, Umrah, Meetings, Conferences, Business Events and for meeting family members
  • Each stay is allowed to be ninety (90) days consecutively
  • Respect local customs and Saudi laws when inside the country
  • Ensure that you country is eligible for online Saudi Visa application
  • Go through the quick list of requirements for the Visa
  • You can enter Saudi not just by air but also by cruise
  • Ensure that you know which port of entry you choose to enter Saudi from
  • Go through the list of frequently asked questions, like passport validity, and documentation requirement
  • Business for entrepreneurs is on the upswing in Saudi Arabia
  • Check Saudi Visa Status online after the application process is complete
  • If you are unable to upload your passport page or photograph, then email us or contact Saudi help desk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a Saudi Arabia Visa Online required to go to Saudi Arabia?

Several nations can get visas for Saudi Arabia upon arrival. It is given to you whenever you land at Saudi Arabia's airport. Residents of 79 nations are eligible to apply for visa on arrival. Nonetheless, to prevent any issues in the event of a denial, it is better to get your visa obtained before you arrive.

How to get the online Saudi Arabia Visa Application for Saudi Arabia?

Eligible applicants can apply for an e-Visa through a Saudi Arabia visa online portal. The method is really easy to follow. The website's form just requires you to enter the bare minimum of data, including your resident ID, passport, expiration date, applicant's name, birthdate, email address, address, and bank information. After completing the form, you must pay to request the issuance of an e-Visa.

Note: Your e-Visa will not be given for a few days. Email is used to deliver the e-Visa. Once you leave for your trip to Saudi Arabia, you must provide an e-Visa.

How long does the Saudi Arabia Visa Online take?

Typically, the e-Visa is issued in 1-3 business days. The maximum number of business days it might take to issue your Saudi Arabia visa online is 10. The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is simple to apply for, and while 90% of tourist e-Visas are granted, some applications are turned down.

The Saudi Arabian online visa System is only open to applicants from 49 countries.

Note: Most of the time, an applicant's application is rejected because they gave fraudulent or insufficient information or because their home country did not match the standards.

Can I perform Umrah with the online Saudi Arabia Visa Application?

Yes, you can go on a Saudi Arabia visa online or an e-Visa to perform Umrah. Formerly forbidden by the government, doing the Umrah pilgrimage with a tourist e-Visa is now permitted by the Saudi government. Today, citizens of the 49 countries that qualify can apply for their e-Visas online to perform the umrah and travel to Saudi Arabia.

The e-Visa can also be obtained upon arrival at any airport in Saudi Arabia. Because of the recent Covid-19 epidemic, it is preferable to acquire visas that include medical insurance to cover the expense of treatment or a stay in a hospital or hotel if necessary.

How long before travelling should I apply for the Saudi Arabia Visa Online?

To prevent needless delay and interference with your trip preparations, it is preferable to submit your application for an e-Visa one week before departure.

Can the name of the online Saudi Arabia Visa Application applicant and the name mentioned on the credit card differ?

Yes, it can change. The applicant's name for the e-Visa application might differ from the name of the card's owner.

Can a person who has left Saudi Arabia with an Exit Re-Entry Saudi Arabia Visa Application in 2020 and has never returned due to Covid go to Saudi Arabia with a tourist visa now?

Beneficiaries with family or domestic help outside of the KSA and employees planning to leave and return to Saudi Arabia within a specific time frame both require a Saudi exit/reentry visa.

Only when the receiver is already in Saudi Arabia may a departure/reentry visa be converted into a definitive exit visa. Expats who left Saudi Arabia with a Saudi exit and reentry visa and did not return within the allotted period would be subject to a three-year entrance ban under the General Directorate of Passports regulations (Jawazat).

The authorities further stated that the employer would have to issue a new visa if the expatriate did not return within the time range specified in the visa. After 2 (two) months, the term "exited and did not return" will automatically be recorded for every expatriate with an exit/reentry visa from Saudi Arabia.

Also, the Jawazat stated that, unlike in the past, it is no longer essential to visit the Passport Department to register that the expatriate has left and not returned. The entrance prohibition will start when the Saudi exit/reentry visa expires and will last until the end of Hijri.

Note: Please be advised that dependents and accompanying passengers are not subject to the three-year admission limitation from Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, exempt from this prohibition are travelers with valid iqama in Saudi Arabia.

This choice is made in accordance with Decision No. 825, which was made in the year 1395 (Gregorian 1975) and stipulated that individuals who disobeyed the law would pay a fee of SR10,000 and be barred from leaving the nation for three years. The justification for this limitation was that it would deter individuals from utilizing the Visa to change employment often.

Can the re-entry Saudi Arabia Visa Application be converted to a Final Exit Visa?

The re-entry visa cannot be changed into the final exit visa in any way. You may, however, request that the iqama for your dependents be revoked. The dependents will not be subject to the ban on reentry visas, thus you may subsequently utilise a permanent family visa.