Saudi eVisa Online Application: Here’s What to Know Before You Apply

Updated on Mar 29, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

Planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon? Before applying for a Saudi eVisa online, there are a few things you need to know in detail. Here's the guide for you!

Planning to go on a trip to Saudi Arabia? If yes, there’s so much to know and find out before you go ahead with the application, from how to apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa to eVisa requirements to the Saudi eVisa online fee. And, in this blog post, you will get all your answers. Let’s find out!

Everything You Need to Know Before Saudi eVisa Application

No matter if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for a tour or to perform Umrah, you will likely need a legal permit to enter and stay in this country. With a Saudi travel visa, you can obtain a multiple-entry visa, allowing you a 90-day stay each time you enter Saudi Arabia. Thanks to Saudi eVisa for making it easier to get your visa issued just within 3 business days. 

But, before applying, there are a number of essentials you need to know. For instance:

Types of Saudi Arabia Visa

There’s not just a single Saudi eVisa but more. For example:

Saudi Arabia Visa on Arrival (VOA)

It’s one of the easiest ways to obtain your Saudi Arabia visit visa to enter this country. You just need a valid passport and a return flight ticket to provide at the airport on arrival. However, it’s allowed only for some eligible countries. 

Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa

As mentioned earlier, Saudi Arabia eVisa for tourists is a multi-entry visa valid for up to a year, which allows a stay of up to 90 days and to perform Umrah. You can apply for it easily online in just a few minutes. All you need is to meet some Saudi eVisa requirements, such as a copy of your valid passport, a few document details, and a recent passport photo.

Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

This visa is valid only for people in Medina, Jeddah, and Mecca neighborhoods. You can obtain this Umrah visa only to perform Umrah outside of the Hajj season. It doesn’t allow one to work, visit other places in Saudi Arabia, or extend stays for leisure tours. 

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Saudi business visa allows only to stay and perform business activities for less than 90 days, such as:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences for trading and businesses
  • Industrial, commercial, and business seminars
  • White-collared and technical staff visits
  • Startups related meetings
  • Workshops

You can’t prolong your stay or look for a job here using a business visa. For that, you need to apply for an employment visa, work visa, or extension visa. 

Besides these, there are a few more visas available for foreigners, including:

  • Personal visa
  • Family visa
  • Student visa
  • Companion visa

Which Countries are Allowed for eVisa to Saudi Arabia?

According to recent Saudi eVisa rules and regulations, over 40 countries worldwide are eligible for online Saudi visa applications. From the United States to European countries to the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Canada, and many more- All the nationals are allowed to apply for Saudi Arabia eVisa.

What is the eVisa Fee for Saudi Arabia?

Now, let’s come to the most important part of the Saudi eVisa application- How much does Saudi eVisa cost? Well, the charges for Saudi eVisa can vary for every individual depending on the type of visa applied for like tourist visa, visa on arrival, or Umrah visa. However, there are other costs affecting the eVisa fee, such as:

  • Government fee
  • Mandatory medical insurance fee 
  • Visa processing fee

Note: The processing fee can be different for every nationality. Also, your preferred processing time can drive up the charges. For example, when you choose rush visa processing over the standard one, you may have to pay a little higher fee.

Saudi eVisa to Learn Before Applying

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