Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

Updated on Feb 08, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

The Hajj visa and the Umrah visa are two distinct forms of Saudi Arabian visas that are offered for religious travel, in addition to the new electronic visa for visitors. Yet to make the Umrah pilgrimage easier, the new tourist eVisa can also be employed.

Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

There hasn't been a visa accessible for tourism in the nation for a very long time, but that changed lately with the implementation of the Saudi Arabia visa. In 2019, several nations became able to apply for this Electronic Travel Authorization using a straightforward online form.

Making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, in the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia, is among the most popular reasons for travel there. The Hajj visa and the Umrah visa are two distinct forms of Saudi Arabian visas that are offered for religious travel, in addition to the new electronic visa for visitors. Yet to make the Umrah pilgrimage easier, the new tourist eVisa can also be employed.

Muslims can go to Mecca on the Islamic pilgrimage known as the Umrah at any time of the year. In contrast, the Hajj is a journey with set dates that takes place in the last month of the Islamic calendar. The Hajj is recommended for Muslims to do at least once throughout their lifetimes.

Saudi Arabia has decided to implement a more straightforward visa application process for Umrah travellers.The physical screening that was formerly required of pilgrims who wanted to visit Saudi Arabia is no longer necessary, thanks to this new technological technology.

In the past, eligible citizens had to apply for an Umrah visa through a Saudi Arabia Consulate to undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca. An online tourist eVisa may now be used to get authorization to enter Saudi Arabia for an Umrah pilgrimage. 

Only the Ministry of Hajj may issue particular visas to Hajj pilgrims. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the UAE are the only four nations whose residents can visit Saudi Arabia without a visa.

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Where Can I Apply for a Saudi Arabia Umrah or Hajj Visa?

In September 2019, an online visa application becomes available. The Hajj and Umrah Minister's office said that the Ministry is now giving electronic visas to the organizations or businesses that pilgrims entrust with applying their documentation for the Hajj and Umrah.

Visitors to the Umrah can apply for their eVisa online or contact the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to seek a particular Umrah visa.

If they have access to a dependable internet connection, pilgrims can apply for an electronic visa online from the comfort of their own homes. If not, they can apply to a certified travel agent who is knowledgeable about the visa application procedure to get the travel authorization accepted. Nonetheless, a variety of supporting paperwork must be provided.

To be eligible for the online visa, a passport must meet the following requirements and be valid for at least six months upon the date of arrival into the country:

  • a completed application form for internet submission
  • the cost of applying must be paid
  • a reliable email address where the issued visa should be sent

The following conditions are added to the Umrah and Hajj visas:

  • a current color photo the size of a passport shot in front of a white background. This must show a full-face shot of the visa applicant looking directly into the camera; side or tilted views are unacceptable. a non-refundable return flight ticket from the destination nation.
  • a meningitis vaccination record that was issued no more than three years ago and no less than ten days before travel to Saudi Arabia.
  • In the event that the tourist has converted to Islam but does not have a Muslim name, a certificate from a mosque or Islamic institution attesting to their Muslim status is required.

To obtaining an Umrah or Hajj visa, women and children must be accompanied by their husbands, fathers, or other male relatives (Mahram). This might be a birth certificate for a kid that lists both parents' names or a marriage certificate for a woman. The Mahram must board the same airplane as his wife and kids to enter and exit Saudi Arabia.

NoteIf a woman over 45 produces a notarized letter from her Mahram approving her to travel for Hajj with the designated group, she is permitted to travel without a Mahram with that group.

Saudi e-Visa is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This online process for Electronic Travel Authorisation for Saudi Arabia was implemented from 2019 by Saudi Government, with the goal of enabling any of the future eligible travelers to apply for an Electronic Visa to Saudi Arabia. Learn more at Saudi Visa Online.

Requirements for a Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

There are less strict criteria for the Saudi Arabia visa for Umrah than for the crowded Hajj event, the second largest yearly gathering of Muslims in the whole globe. Visitors can make an Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca at any time of the year.

The last day of Ramadan should not be exceeded, however, by the validity period of the Saudi Arabia Umrah visa. The Umrah visa holder must depart the country before Ramadan finishes and cannot stay for Eid-ul-Fitr.

NoteThe Saudi eVisa is not a work visa; it is only issued for travel to Saudi Arabia or to perform the Umrah.

Eligible countries for the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

As of 2024, citizens of more than 60 countries are eligible for Saudi Visa. The Saudi Visa eligbility must be met to obtain the visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. A valid passport is required for entry into Saudi Arabia.

Albania Andorra
Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Belgium
Brunei Bulgaria
Canada Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia
Finland France
Georgia Germany
Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland
Italy Japan
Kazakhstan Korea, South
Kyrgyzstan Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malaysia
Maldives Malta
Mauritius Monaco
Montenegro Netherlands
New Zealand Norway
Panama Poland
Portugal Romania
Russian Federation Saint Kitts and Nevis
San Marino Seychelles
Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa
Spain Sweden
Switzerland Tajikistan
Thailand Turkey
United Kingdom Ukraine
United States Uzbekistan

Insurance policy for Umrah pilgrims

All visa holders for Umrah must have insurance that covers their full stay in the Kingdom. The pilgrim does not, however, have to make independent arrangements for this. The Corporation for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya) and the Ministry for Hajj and Umrah announced their agreement to cover visa holders at the end of December 2019. 

Under this arrangement, an insurance policy is directly connected to the pilgrim's passport, enabling them to get treatment at both public and private institutions and to receive protection in the following situations:

  • Flight delays or cancellations
  • Death and repatriation
  • Accidents
  • Disasters

Can I travel for Umrah with a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa?

To increase foreign travel to the Kingdom, the Saudi Arabia tourist visa application process has gone online. The eVisa is exclusively accessible for travel for Umrah and tourism; it is not valid for travel for the Hajj.

A Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate application for an Umrah or Hajj visa is an additional choice.

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Unified Saudi Arabia Umrah and Hajj Visa

Formerly, in addition to the one needed for Umrah, a separate visa application was needed to do the Hajj pilgrimage. The Umrah visa was only given during the Umrah season for 15 days. The Hajj visa was only valid from 4 Dhu Al-Hijjah to 10 Muharram on the Islamic calendar. A Hajj visa could not be used for an Umrah and vice versa.

According to Mohammed Benten, the Saudi Minister for Hajj and Umrah, the new combined Hajj and Umrah visa is intended to demonstrate the kingdom's willingness to welcome a rising number of pilgrims to Mecca.

After the recent adoption of steps to enhance the system of services in Saudi Arabia's holy sites, a new visa system has been implemented. A high-speed train route between Mecca and Medina is one among these, as is the use of technology to make the Hajj safer, such as AI medical services and smart transportation cards.

Submitting a unified Saudi Arabia Hajj and Umrah Visa Application

The Saudi visa for the Hajj and Umrah must be obtained using a streamlined electronic procedure by eligible citizens. Travellers must, however, apply through a certified travel agent who is familiar with the visa procedure. The travel agency must provide a document from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj attesting that it has met all standards to be authorised to serve pilgrims.

It's crucial to remember that Muslims who want to do the holy pilgrimage in the nation can do so with the help of the combined Hajj and Umrah visa. Tourists may now use a different online form to apply for an electronic visa if they want to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Before introducing the Saudi tourist visa in September 2019, overseas tourists were only permitted to go to the kingdom for business or to do the Umrah or Hajj. This changed with the introduction of the Saudi tourist visa. In 2019 alone, more than 2 million Muslims travelled for Umrah and Hajj, and it is anticipated that this number would rise in 2020 along with rising visitor numbers.

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