Top Things to Be Careful of During Saudi Arabia Travel

Updated on Jun 09, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

Ready for the trip to Saudi Arabia? Don’t rush with applying for your Saudi e-Visa! Take a look at the things you have to be careful of when you are here.

Excited about your trip to Saudi Arabia for the first time? No wonder you are if you have already read around a hundred blogs on famous tourist spots and what to do there. 

But, while applying for your Saudi e-Visa, you need to be careful about a few things. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss that! Let’s get started.Things You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia and Be Careful During the Travel

Saudi Arabia is perfect to go with your partner, family, or even alone, especially when you love traveling to new places, discovering new cultures, hidden gems, and meeting new people. Thanks to the Saudi Arabia e-Visa allowing travelers to remain in the country for up to 90 days, whether for tourism, leisure, visiting friends or family, or pilgrims! It’s the golden opportunity you can fetch if you really want to travel leisurely here and stay longer. 

However, while planning your trip, never miss out on their traditions, cultures, and rules. Here’s what you need to remember:

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Respect their local culture

You can see a widely different culture in Saudi Arabia than in other parts of the world you have visited so far. Yet, you need to be careful about the local culture while here! For instance:

  • A big NO to drinking alcohol
  • No smoking in public areas
  • Women have to be with a male guardian in the public place

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Never expect that extraordinary nightlife like the Western countries

If you belong to a Western country, like the USA or UK, you may often enjoy unforgettable nightlife with your friends or families there. But you can’t expect the same in Saudi Arabia! The concept of nightclubs, theaters, or alcohol is banned here. Yes, you can have entertainment, like dinner parties or hosted events, but not late-night ones!

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Always dress respectfully

Dressing style is really an important factor to consider while in Saudi Arabia. Of course, it’s not for just women but for everyone. For example:

  • Men have to avoid shorts and wear trousers
  • Women can’t leave their chest, leg, and arm areas exposed
  • In some areas, women may need to put on an Abaya (a black cape-like outfit covering the body)

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Playing no music in the public

While in Saudi Arabia, you can play music in your hotel room and feel entertained whenever you want. But, it’s forbidden in public areas since it can cause a disturbance or trouble! However, even if you are allowed to listen to music in your hotel room, it shouldn't interrupt your neighbor's peace.   

With the advent of the online Saudi Arabia visa, travel to Saudi Arabia is set to become significantly simpler. Before visiting Saudi Arabia, tourists are urged to familiarize themselves with the local way of life and learn about any potential gaffes that might land them in hot water. Learn more at Saudi Arabia Laws for Tourists.

Get Your Trip Started by Applying eVisa to Saudi Arabia

Well, it's undeniable that you will have an unforgettable journey in Saudi Arabia like never before! You will explore the new culture and treasuries here. All you need is to follow the restrictions and rules while traveling here. 

Appliying Evisa to Saudi Arabia

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