Saudi Business Visa to Unlock Business Opportunities: A Guide You Need

Updated on May 04, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

According to recent research, Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing and largest economies among the Middle East countries, with a GDP of around $2.24 trillion in 2023. It makes Saudi an attractive place for business startups regardless of size. No wonder more and more business entrepreneurs are looking to expand their companies in this country.

And, if you are on the same page, the first thing you need to fetch business opportunities in Saudi Arabia and unlock success is a business visa. Yes, you have heard the right! Do you wonder how? Let us tell you.

How Does a Saudi Arabia Business Visa Unlock Business Opportunities Here?

While looking to expand your business to Saudi Arabia, the first thing you need is a business visa to enter the country and meet potential customers and investors. Obtaining a valid Saudi business visa allows you to network with other companies and take insight into the latest market trends, helping you plan your business extensions accordingly. Also, if you are starting a fully foreign-owned business or a new company through a joint venture with any local business owner, you must have a valid business visa. 

So, speaking of the business opportunities briefly that you can gain with a Saudi business visa application, here are some of them:

  • Participation in different sectors in Saudi Arabia, including education, infrastructure, healthcare, and much more
  • A great opportunity to launch your company by selling goods and services to Saudi consumers and businesses
  • Establish a joint venture with an existing company or business owner using their market knowledge and expertise
  • Setting up a foreign-owned entity in different sectors, from tourism to manufacturing to healthcare

Note: With a business visa in Saudi Arabia, you can engage in some specific activities, for less than 90 days, including:

  • Business meetings
  • Industrial, commercial, and trade seminars
  • Trading and business conferences
  • White-collared and technical staff meet
  • Short-term meetings related to startups
  • Workshops and commercial visits on site (no required signing contracts)

Saudi Business Visa Requirements to Fetch Business Opportunities

Now, the question is how to obtain a business visa for Saudi Arabia! Well, you can either apply for a Saudi business visa on arrival (VOA) or go for a business eVisa application. With a Saudi business eVisa, you can obtain a valid permit to enter this country in just within three days.

Here, you get two options- A single-entry business visa and a Multiple-entry business visa. With the first one, you will get a one-time entry with a stay of up to 30 days. And, the second one allows you to enter several times in this country with a maximum stay of 90 days during each visit. Depending on your choice of visa application, the requirements can vary. 

However, a Saudi business visa usually includes the following requirements for the application:

  • A complete visa application form
  • A valid passport with a six-month validity beyond your intended date of return
  • The required visa fee
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Letter of invitation received from the inviting company (if there’s any you are establishing a joint venture to start your business)
Saudi Arabia Business Visa Unlocking Success

How to Make the Most out of your Saudi Business Visa

If you want to enhance your chances of success in expanding or launching a new business and unlocking your business opportunities more and more in Saudi Arabia, always make the most out of your business visa. Here are quick tips you need to do so:

  • Do in-depth research on the latest market trends and potential target audience and partners related to your business before traveling there.
  • Be respectful of the local traditions, outfits, and customs of Saudi
  • Keep your documentation required for visa application, including a valid passport, letter of invitation, fee, and much more.
  • Be patient always, as it will take time to build business relationships and launch your company there.

Need Help with Saudi Business Visa Application?

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